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Welcome to my darkroom!

This is a dream of mine, something I hadn’t realised I’d be able to do until now. After completing my photography degree I realised my passion for photography lied in creating images from scratch using film. To me this is the beauty of art which opens up so many exciting possibilities.

I thought I’d only be able to start my own darkroom when I have a house with space, more time and money! I imagined this would be far, far into the future. But when lockdown happened I realised I was lucky enough that the farm I grew up on has plenty of that space I needed, it wasn’t quite as expensive as I thought (to begin with anyway 😂) and I suddenly had all the time I needed 😆

This page is so I can personally document my journey and share with you all the ups and downs! There have already been many struggles, so hopefully anyone with knowledge of the darkroom might be able to give me a hand/advice. But most of all I’m excited to start creating photographic art

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